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Silent Domains, we manage one of your most valuable business assets, your domain portfolio

Your domain name is important because it is where you make your first impression. It establishes your personal or corporate website’s presence on the Internet. Once you choose and register the right name for your website, managing your domain comes next. 

What is domain management?

Domain management refers to the ongoing tasks of keeping your websites safe, stable, and secure. Many companies lose track of domain management because it is overwhelming, instead only focusing on the contents of their website. 

Why is it important?

Your domains need ongoing management to keep them renewed and under your ownership. As trends change you may want to acquire new domains with new extensions. You also want to be sure intruders are not purchasing domains with your brand.

Why do you need experts?

Most companies assign their IT guy to manage their domains, but just because someone is in IT doesn’t mean they are domain name experts. The domain name system is complex; you want to maintain a good defense to secure your current domains and an offense to pick up new domains with new ideas. You will also need new domains as you move into new international markets where a country domain, such as .ca in Canada, is the best way to do business. For this task, it is necessary to look for the right agency with true expertise in buying international domains. 

What are our strategies?

Our team has been around for many years and we’ve developed these strategies to help you. 

  1.     We review what domains you own, whose names they are registered under, and when they expire. We can backorder your domains to be sure they are picked up should they be inadvertently dropped.
  2.     We make sure your brand is protected from domain intruders. We work with an international domain and intellectual property lawyer for situations where you need to take legal action.
  3.   We also provide forward-looking domain strategies, with expert advice on what domain names you should be buying now. This includes strategic purchases for new brands you are launching and new domain extensions like .co, .io, .ai and industry-specific domains like .dentist, .consulting and more.
  4. If you want to try other markets, don’t settle for only the .com extension. To market in Canada, you will want to use the domain that every Fortune 500 does. They buy the .ca version of their domain and in Germany they want .de and so on. 
  5. Choosing the right domain name for your website is crucial for your success. If you choose a poor domain name, it can affect your search rankings. Having a short domain that is a category-killer shows the business world that you are truly the leader. That is why successful companies will move from the inexpensive to an ultra-premium domain like 
  6. You may want to take up domain investing as a great way to see your personal capital grow. Domaining is like regular investing but instead of stocks or mutual funds, you buy and sell domains. It is not uncommon for a domain to sell at many times its original purchase price.


Your unique strategy

When it comes to something as sensitive and significant as your domains,you will want to compare your strategies with those of competitors.  What are those companies using for branding and marketing? Whether your company is a startup or long-established company, domain management will be key to your success.